Women’s Masters

Who are we?

The Women’s Masters Squad is a group of competent rowers and scullers who love getting out on the water whether to race or simply paddle together to keep fit. We aim to row together, with or without a coach, for up to 4 sessions at the weekend, and the odd session or two during the Winter weeks. During the long summer days we are likely to be boating more frequently. We range in age from 32 to 59, with some of us having returned to rowing from a previously successful career at University whilst others of us only discovered the sport in the last 5-10 years via the PTRC Learn to Row Course.

Putney Town has one of the best fleets on the Tideway including coxless fours / quads and a wide selection of singles, doubles / pairs and 8s.  As a squad with experienced members, we are lucky enough to be spoilt for choice with the boats we can use! Most members are adept at both sweep and sculling, which means we can be flexible about which of these boats we use and what races we enter.   Many members own their own single sculls, but there are plenty of good quality singles at the club if you don’t possess your own.

Contact us on the following email address: womensmasters@nullputneytownrc.co.uk

What Do We Aspire To?

Our aim is to be highly competitive and successful, enabled by the combination of a motivated squad of women who love the sport combined with two highly competent and supportive coaches, Ted and James.

Our ambitions for the 2016/17 season reflect our recent history of aiming to be strongly competitive throughout the season.  Our goals include being technically adept in paddling in 8’s, 4’s and smaller boats including pairs and singles.  Secondly, we aim to be increasingly competitive in 2017 in Intermediate and Masters categories in both local and major head races and Regattas.  We also aim to be competitive when racing internationally.

This builds on our 2015/16 season where we saw several wins at National Masters and an increasing number of good results in heads and regattas, including Henley Masters. In 2016/17 to date we have already been successful, winning our category in the “Defi Seine”, a head race run over a 7k course through the beautiful city of Rouen in NW France.  We have already entered crews in the forthcoming Scullers Head, Vets Fours Head and Wallingford with a vision to finish strongly in WEHORR 2017.   April then sees us gearing up for the summer regatta with our Spring training camp, which this year is in Northern Spain at the CERLA Rowing camp. We have also started to plan entries for the Nationals, Masters Henley and the World Masters Rowing Regatta in Bled in September 2017.

Importantly we want to make sure we have fun; we are a sociable bunch who often come together on Thursdays for club circuit training followed by dinner and an ergo training session on Friday evenings followed by drinks at a local bar.    If you are encouraged by all that you read please get in touch!

Training programme

We are fortunate enough to be supported with a land training plan written by James Holmes-Siedle who also provides ongoing analysis of our results.  Our plan involves 3 ergos a week which aim to build both our base aerobic fitness, alongside pushing the envelope in terms of our anaerobic fitness. This is supported by a core workout plan plus there is is a weights programme with technique coaching available if you have enough time in the week.  We are very supportive of squad members taking a flexible approach to land training away from the club at their own gyms; we all live busy lives and we believe this achieves our squad the best results.  That said there are opportunities to train together at the club during the week.

Who is the Coach?

For the 2016/17 season the Women’s Masters Squad continues to be coached by Andrew (Ted) Hall.   Andrew brings many year of competition experience having rowed for Thames in his 20’s.  More recently in his coaching career, Ted has coached at Vesta and Barn Elms, and this season has taken up coaching as his full time profession having left behind a career in the City.

We are also supported on land by James Holmes-Siedle, a current member of Putney Town RC himself.  James is an avid sculler, winning a Gold in a 4x at the Masters National Championships in 2015.   He brings a highly technical brain and lots of gadgets to the party.

Please Get in Touch

We are always looking to swell our numbers so if you sweep or scull, have the desire to be competitive but want to have fun too, please get in touch.

If you have limited experience in one of sculling or sweep, we can provide the support in coached sessions to get you up to speed in the particular discipline.   If you really like what you read but have only completed a short learn to row/ scull course or have never rowed or sculled, please do talk to us and we can provide advice on where to go in the interim period to develop your skills.

We are more than happy to consider entering composite boats, so please get in touch if you are looking to join forces at any time.

If you are unsure whether we are right for you, or you haven’t been in a boat for a few years, come and meet us and have a chat about your ambitions.

Contact us on the following email address: womensmasters@nullputneytownrc.co.uk