Masters Men

Masters Men’s Squad

In recent years the squad has steadily expanded and now has more than 20 regular members. Ages range from late forties to late seventies with our oldest member winning the Masters H event in the 2011 Vesta Sculler’s Head, having won his first event in 1957. Although many in the squad are experienced oarsmen that train and compete in rowing and sculling events regularly, it also includes experienced older members that just want to enjoy the exercise and pleasure of rowing on the Tideway. While the squad includes and welcomes less experienced oarsmen, necessarily they will have been through the PTRC learn to row program or in the past learnt to row elsewhere before joining the club, after which they are fully integrated into the squad and actively encouraged and coached to a higher standard.

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The squad has always competed at both regattas and head races along the Thames and further afield and with increasing frequency and success; during the 2012 winter head racing season the Masters novice eight won at both the Molesey Vets’ Head and the Vesta Veterans Head; 2014 saw the squad enter 8+ and 4x+ crews in the Berlin head; in the 2014 and 2015 regatta seasons, gold medal successes were achieved in sculling and sweep at both novice and IM3 status at the British Rowing Masters Championships in Nottingham. In 2016 Nottingham continued to yield success with no less than 16 gold and 4 silver medals won in a combination of novice and IM3 4+ and IM3 8+. As the oarsmanship, commitment and ability across the squad continues to improve, and new members are attracted by our inclusiveness and success, the prospect of racing and proving ourselves further against successful masters squads at other local clubs remains a key goal.

Training and coaching

PTRC’s fleet is one of the largest and finest on the Tideway to which the masters squad has access but also exclusively own two Empachers, currently rigged as coxless quads. The squad has coached training outings on the water on Saturday and Sunday mornings and regular scheduled outings on Thursday evenings during the summer. A group of older members usually scull on a social basis on Tuesday mornings all year round. The masters also train with other PTRC squads during the winter on Thursday evenings when the club runs circuit training sessions. For the last two years, members of the squad have attended week long Easter training camps in Spain and France, most recently in combination with the Masters women’s squad with which we have also combined, winning in Mixed Mas D8+ at a recent regatta.


Some of the masters squad are the club’s longest standing members and supporters and have played a key role in the long term development of the club. While the masters men will often be found at the bar on Thursday evenings for well-deserved refreshment after training, they also figure prominently in the social life of the club, not only at the club’s Annual Awards dinner but also at the squad’s Xmas dinner, regularly attended by over 40 squad members and their partners.

Getting involved

The masters men are always looking to improve the competitiveness of the squad and welcome new members who have rowed and/or sculled previously, who may be returning to rowing after many years, want to regain or improve fitness, are perhaps moving to the area or just looking for a renewed challenge later in life.


Enquiries regarding joining and other matters are best addressed to Alternatively, show up in the bar on any Thursday evening after 9pm and ask for the masters men.


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