Roll of Honour 2017-2018

British Rowing Masters Championships (Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June)

W.MasA-C.2x (Non-Championship) – Darina Kuricova, Francesca Lawley

W.MasB.4- (Championship) – Karen Shepherd, Frances Pattison, Sarah Foxton and Aba Carboo (steers)

Ron Eggleton Cup (Sunday 20th May)

Samuel Diserens and Emily Bowden

Putney Town Regatta (Saturday 19th May)

W4- – Emily Bowden, Catriona Docherty, Kathryn Lewis, Melanie Perkins

Walton Small Boats Head (Saturday 9th December)

WNov.2x – Jade Gowan, Emily Bowden

Teddington Head (Saturday 18th November)

Club.1x – Sam Diserens