PTRC Sculling Championship

The Club Sculling Championship returns for 2017 after inauguration in 2016. Entry is open to all rowing members who hold an appropriate steer-cert and it is hoped that members from all squads and those with no squad attachment will enter.

Entries for 2017 are now closed. Click here to view results.

Click here to enter the beginner regatta

The format of the main competition is designed to be flexible to encourage as many club members to take part as possible.

An alternative competition is available for beginner scullers who do not hold a steer-cert. The format of this event will be decided once the number of entries is known. Racing will take place on Thursday 10th August, from 7pm.

Entries will be divided into divisions of six scullers (determined by time trial) and each sculler then has a period of six weeks to race all the other scullers in that division. The sculler with the most wins within that division will be promoted at the end of the race period:

Time trial: Sunday 23rd July, 8:30am

Race period starts: Monday 24th July

Race period ends: Sunday 3rd September

At the end of the Summer, prizes will be awarded (subject to more than three entries in each category), based on the highest placed eligible sculler:

  • Club Sculling Champion
  • Club Ladies’ Sculling Champion
  • Novice Men’s Sculling Champion
  • Novice Ladies’ Sculling Champion
  • MasA/B, MasC/D, MasE/F, MasG/H/I Sculling Champion
  • WMasA/B, WMasC/D, WMasE/F, WMasG/H/I Sculling Champion

Prize giving: Date TBC

The full rules are available to download:

Club Sculling Championship Rules v2.0 (09 June 2017)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter?

Any full club member with a steer-cert practical pass that permits them to scull unsupervised may take part.

Can I use my private single?

Yes – private and club equipment can be used.

How do I organise my races?

When the divisions are published, the email address of each sculler will also be published. Competitors are required to make contact with each other to arrange mutually convenient times before the end of the competition period. The competition secretary will not organise races. It is suggested that competitors make contact as early as possible in the competition period.

For 2017, volunteers for group co-ordinators will be requested, and group co-ordinators will be encouaged to arrange races for their group on Thursday evenings throughout the competition period to maximise the social aspect to the event. Races do not need to take place on Thursdays.

When can I race?

Races must be completed before the end of the competition period.No racing may take place during hours of darkness. Competitors will be encouraged to race on Thursday evenings in races co-ordinated by their group co-ordinator but there is no obligation to do so; any mutually convenient time is acceptable, providing the river is open, although it is suggested that competitors avoid busy periods (weekend mornings), days when regattas are taking place on the course or times when the tide is slack. It is perfectly acceptable to race multiple times on one day, though competitors are encouraged to spread racing across the competition period.

What if I can't make the time trial? Can I still enter?

Yes – if you can’t make the time trial, you can still take part. You need to inform the Competition Secretary that you can’t make the time trial before entries close. The Competition Secretary and the Club Captain will then place you into the draw at an appropriate place. If you do not inform the Competition Secretary before entries close you can still take part but you will be placed in the lowest division.

Will masters handicapping be applied?

No, handicapping will not be applied to any race. Masters prizes will be given to the highest placed sculler in each category (which for the purposes of this competition have been combined in groups of A/B, C/D, etc).

Is there an entry fee?

Yes – entry costs just £5

Is there a separate men's and women's competition?

No – there is just one competition. Prizes will be awarded to the highest placed men and women in open, novice and masters categories. The format of competition should pit scullers against others of a similar speed, regardless of sex, BR status or age.