PTRC Member & Supporter Data Privacy Statement

This statement aims to tell you how we hold and process your data.

As a volunteer run, non-profit club, we aspire to do the right thing by you and your personal data. If you’re concerned about something we are doing with respect to your data (or any other part of the club), please come and talk to us so we can fix it.

Collection & Processing

You gave us your core data when you applied to become a member and we may also add data to your record each month to maintain our records on:

  • steer certs
  • squad memberships
  • payments information
  • Arrears

We hold your personal data in order to operate the club and we will only ever use it for this purpose.

We use an internal membership system called MemSys to keep all your information and it’s stored on a secure computer in the UK. Just in case we also have a backup which is encrypted and then stored in the cloud. We use some external websites to help us collect and manage your data – in particular MailChimp, G-Suite and PayPal. We also share relevant information with coaches and squad coordinators (e.g. medical and emergency contact information).

We have a CCTV system which is used to ensure members, our guests and the club is safe and secure. We keep recordings for up to 30 days. The recordings are only available to particular officers of the club however will be supplied to the police if required.

Keeping up to date

You are responsible for updating us when your personal information changes such as a change in your access or medical needs, email or phone number. We will occasionally carry out an update process however the responsibility for updating us lies with the individual.

Data Retention

If you decide to leave the club, when you tell us (by emailing the Membership Secretary) we automatically remove all personal information apart from your name and email address from our membership system. We keep this along with steer cert and payment information for record keeping reasons and in case you want to come back.

If you decide you would like to be forgotten, you can do this by emailing If you are struck off from the club or resign when not in good standing, your name, payment records and the reason why will be held in club records for up to ten years.

We hold certain information regarding safeguarding including DBS check results and complaint investigation with Blueberry Safeguarding and Compliance which specialises in Safeguarding. The Club Welfare officer and captain are the sole people able to gain access to this information except from the third party company.

A note about squads

Squads are self-organising groups of rowers and together they decide how to collect and hold information as a group. The committee as representatives of the club do not dictate or control the tools or data held and used by squads. Subsequently If you are unhappy with the way your data is being managed within your squad please contact your squad coordinator in the first instance.


If you have any questions about data protection and privacy, please contact the following officers of the club

  • Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Club Welfare Officer