The girls’ big day for WEHoRR 2016

Senior women’s report to follow once final results are published.

At the beginning of the training season the Masters Women’s Squad set themselves a hard, but achievable target of top 150 placing which meant rowing the course at a steady pace of 2:17.

Winds, rain and hail storms, illnesses and calling in a sub were not going to deter them from the months of hard training (seeing several lifetime bests on the ergs) with a strong and powerful race plan producing a 127 placing in an adjusted time of 21:54 with overall split time of 2:16.6!

With howling gales you always have to look for other measures than pure ‘time’, and the team closed the gap on the fastest crew in their category and climbed to the halfway point in their group. This has set the team up for a Vet’s Head Showing and some strong summer racing.

For the first time in five years the club entered two development eights for WEHoRR, with the first boat finishing 42 of 72 novice boats and 12 from 22 club boats. Both boats improved and keep going from strength to strength and are now looking forward to the summer racing. We are grateful for subs from Parrs Priory RC and Taunton RC for answering our late calls for a sub via Twitter!

Full results are available on the WEHoRR website.

132 Putney Town B – 20:05.7 (57th fastest time)
76 Putney Town A – 22:50.4 (13th from 21 handicapped masters times)
298 Putney Town C – 24.01.4 (260th, 42nd from 72 W.Nov8+)
310 Putney Town D – 26:30.6 (raced for time only)

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