Masters squads shine at Hammersmith Head

Veteran Men's Squad 'A' boat

For the second major eights Tideway head of the season the Town had another strong showing with seven entries. The senior women elected not to race and instead provided support from the comfort of the White Hart while the other crews marshalled and raced in blustery conditions.

The result of the day was most definitely achieved by the veteran men’s ‘A’ crew, who overturned the 1s deficit behind TSS from Quintin Head to move 2.5s clear into second place in MasE (from 6) in one of their best results in recent years. Most impressively the 34s deficit from division winners Thames RC at Quintin Head was slashed to less than 7s as Club President John steered tight lines around the course from Mortlake to Hammesrmith. The ‘B’ crew held the deficit behind the ‘A’ crew from Quintin Head, despite racing a category more senior. Roll on VetHoRR!

Disappointment is probably an understatement for the senior men’s eight, who were looking to build on their solid performance at Quintin Head. A rudder failure and a consequential clash with the green buoy outside the Ship was a sad and undeserved end to their race. Credit to cox Alice for making the sensible and rational decision not to attempt to continue racing. There will be better days ahead.

The masters women’s crew stormed home to a second place in their division, ahead of all Cat D crews, leapfrogging a Cat B crew and hot on the heels of the MAA C crew. The MAA crew are the PTRC crew’s gold standard at the moment and Quintin Head saw them take a commanding 60 second lead over PTRC, which (with handicaps applied) was reduced by 30 seconds. That is a 50% reduction in their lead in one month!. Hard training and a step up in determination produced this pleasing result which augers well for WeHoRR in two weeks’ time.

All three novice eights raced again – two women’s and one men’s. The men’s crew made up significant time on the second veteran men’s eight and the women’s masters eight to move a few seconds faster. Unfortunately the rest of the novice field had also made strides forward and so they positions similarly to Quintin Head. The women’s novice eight overtook Auriol Kensington RC in their own race, moving to be 20s faster having been 3s behind after Quintin Head, while the second women’s novice eight cut the deficit over their club-mates from almost 90s to just 53s.

With WeHoRR in less than a fortnight, and HoRR and VetHoRR two weeks after, it is shaping up to be an exciting end to the Head season!

Crew no Name Class Time Finish Order
144 Putney Town RC MasE.8+ 0:11:41.610 52
128 Putney Town RC NOV.8+ 0:12:56.390 112
163 Putney Town RC MasF.8+ 0:12:58.140 116
166 Putney Town RC/KRC W.MasD W.MasHC.8+ 0:13:01.430 119
172 Putney Town RC W.NOV.8+ 0:13:24.970 132
175 Putney Town RC W.NOV.8+ 0:14:17.900 144

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