Two Town wins at Kingston Small Boats Head

The Town raced two crews at the Kingston Small Boats Head on Saturday, with a third having to scratch through injury. Both brought home pennants as the men’s four of Rob, Gianni, Dave and Sam won Im2.4-, while Ali won Masc.1x.

Ali reports on his win in the single: I started off with appalling steering as I was looking at data on my new strokecoach/toy and almost ended up hitting the bank. I did some serious zig-zagging in the first half before I got used to the new toy under race conditions…  I then got really cross at myself as I had to give way to a women’s coxed four and they took such a long time to get past that I then had to give way at the bridge to avoid hitting my right blade on the bridge!  Surprised and pleased to have a win… just need to make my old canvas topped single a bit more comfortable at Teddington and see if I can win again…

Men’s Captain Sam reports on the four’s race: The race itself started well, with the crew rapidly settling onto a strong rhythm at 33/34 and pulling away from the crews behind. Calls from Dave and Rob through the middle of the race helped to keep the rate high, and the
crews ahead were steadily reeled in, with crews from Broxbourne and Auriol Kensington being overtaken shortly after Raven’s Ait. Toward’s the end of the race the crew were noticeably tiring, but held it together and crossed the line feeling pleased with a strong race, and a successful third outing.

The icing on the cake came with the results released later that afternoon, which showed the PTRC boat as being the 4th fastest in the morning division, and the fastest overall in the IM2.4- category, handily beating Reading, and a local crew from Kingston RC.

Thanks to John for towing, despite being injured!

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