PTRC Christmas Party – 8th Dec 2012

A message for the good people of Putney Town
It may be winter, but lose that frown
For Christmas time is nearly here
A time for much merriment and drinking of beer
And in one week, President’s cheese and wine
To have your company there would be most fine
So pick up your hat and grab your coat
Though you most likely won’t need that in the boat
For festive plum pudding races will proceed
Warm Gløgg, fine wine and a good feed.
So open your diary, and and jot down the time
8th of December for cheese and wine!

The annual Putney Town Christmas Cheese, Wine ‘n’ Glug Party will be on the 8th of December which is open to all members and friends/family.

The festivities will kick-off with the Plum Pudding Races – scratch crews in 8’s and 4’s – everyone welcome, especially coxes! (Please be prepared to cox if you have experience).

This will be followed as always by the Gløgg/mulled wine for those chilly souls who have been on the river. A buffet lunch (£5) follows, as the day gets underway in the bar and there will be a guest ale available.


12:30 – Register in the hall for Plum Puddings
13:00 – Crews announced
13:45 – Races begin
14:30 – Gløgg/Mulled Wine
15:00 – Food

We will be running a bar rota for the duration of the event and will require volunteers to help out. We would also appreciate some help with the food and Gløgg. If anybody has a special mulled wine/Nordic Gløgg recipe they would like to share, wine will be provided.

For the food, help is mainly required for preparation and laying out the tables and a little help tidying up afterwards. If any member would like to make a salad, or bring some mince pies, your efforts will be graciously received!

Please sign up for a one hour slot behind the bar, or to help out with food/Gløgg by sending an email to

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