Promising weekend for the masters squads at Teddington Head

Following on from the veteran fours head, the masters squads and some independent scullers made the short journey to Walbrook RC to take part in this year’s Teddington Head. Once again Ali Boileau won MasC.1x, beating his nearest rival by almost 30s along the course from Hampton Court Palace to Kingston.

Simon de Maria reports on the vet men’s racing:¬†With the incentive being an opportunity to race a vet 8+ for the first time this season, a previously ‘unboated’, scratch crew was entered in the head at Mas E (avge crew age 55). Unfortunately, lack of 4+ oppo at any veteran level, saw the entered Mas E Nov 4+ necessarily withdrawn. Not so the afternoon division Mas E 4- entry, which was inexplicably accepted by the organisers into the draw despite zero oppo!?

8+ opposition on the day took the form of home crew Walbrook and Guildford Mas F crews. Leading the 8+ charge, the PTR crew mis-timed the start and reached race pace well before the actual starting line but soon settled into a good rhythm notwithstanding the lack of any prior water time. Throughout, the crew maintained a stable platform that enabled boat speed to remain broadly constant and saw the crew maintain a clear distance over at least one of the following 8+ crews.

The crew were pleased with their first race performance, finishing 2nd on raw time at 17:24, ahead of Guildford by 4 seconds, but well beaten by the previously encountered and well grooved Walbrook crew that won easily by over 30 seconds. Searching for further crumbs of comfort, PTR were pleased to note that they had beaten a younger Mas D 8+ from Kingston by 5 seconds.

The afternoon division saw the E4- crew race, just to kill time, in what must have been the wettest marshalling experience for the crew in some years. With no oppo, the crew raced for time only, oddly sandwiched between J16 4+ and a J17 2x. Stroked by Simon, steered by Geoff A, with engine room power from the ‘frozen Jonny’ and Bill, the crew at least managed to warm up, maintain and increase the gap over the following youngsters and catch a number of colliding quads before Ravens Ait, before finishing in 18:55.

The masters women raced in the W.Im3 category in a coxed four, and came a very pleasing 4th from 7 entries.

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