Men’s dev squad takes a step towards first pot at Putney Town Regatta

The men’s development squad made the trip down to Putney with two coxed fours to extend their racing experience at Putney Town Regatta – a regatta with no connection to our club! The trip gave the squad their first taste of winning a race, though the hunt for the novice pot will take to the road again – next stop Peterborough Spring Regatta.

Tom Haslam reports:

Heat 1: Began in dramatic fashion with a restart following some oar on oar action between the two boats, putney town’s cox Harry, getting the better of the heated exchange between boats.

The restart was a tentative affair, and the Eastbourne College boat managed to steal a length off the start, before Putney Town drew level shortly before half way, making the most of the calm conditions to settle into the race.

Edging ahead and steered into the stream by Harry, the Putney Town crew were not for catching and found something close to a rhythm to extend the lead to a couple of lengths.

Cue emotional on board scenes of the first race win for the squad, the hip-hoorays, and the awful realisation that we would have to make 4 hours of polite conversation before the next heat.

Heat 2: A one sided affair, following a scrub from the opposition (AK too scared?), the race became Putney Town vs the Thames, with Putney Town coming out marginal winners and onto the semis.

Semi Final: following a further hour of polite conversation, a sleep on the banks of the Thames, the 5th bag of jelly babies, the 7th breakfast bar and the 15th banana, the semi final was due to take place following a 10 minute gin and tonic related delay from the missing umpire.

The race started much the same, a rapid start from the Radley novice crew put them a length ahead before Putney Town came back to gain over the next 3rd of the race.

The calm conditions from earlier had turned into a memory as the 2 crews struggled through choppy water in the middle of the race with Radley managing the task better than a tiring Putney crew. Racing towards the finish Radley extended to win by a 2-3 lengths.

Cue emotional on board scenes, the hip hip hoorays and the crushing realisation there was now only 6 of us left to lift the heaviest launch in the club into the boat house.

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