Third best PTRC result at HoRR – full race reports

1st 8+ – 105th – 19:35

Crew: Alice(c), Ben, Gianni, Cyrille, Sam, Dave, Kyle, John, Richard

Starting in 89th position thanks to the previous years result the 1st 8 was focused as we prepared to race, determined to row our own race, and deal with potentially choppy conditions down the island, thanks to the prevailing north-easterly winds. In what can viewed as a mix of blessing and curse most of the race was rowed well clear of any other crew, with those in front and behind being of relatively similar speed. The boat rowed well, holding onto a strong rhythm at the target 34 throughout most of the race, slowing only to cope with predicted choppy conditions along the island. Most of the race was spent focused on crew 90 behind, who after seeming to catch slightly in the first 3rd of the race slowly receded through the second half – eventually being beaten by 3 seconds.

In a stronger field than the previous year we finished 105, a strong result but just missing out on the coveted top 100. This however is not a position to be sniffed at, with our overall position in the Vernon trophy (for Tideway clubs) remaining at the previous years 16th – despite a strong Thames entry – and making gains against clubs competing for the Page Trophy (non-tidal Thames clubs). This included beating Reading I and Curlew, a big improvement over our early season performance and is the first time (in living memory at least) that the squad has produced back to back good performances at HoRR. (2010’s 92nd was followed by 225th in 2011, and 2008’s 107th was followed by 184th in 2009). It was also the third highest PTRC finish at HoRR in memory. This all points to this being a result to be proud of and are all good signs for summer racing and Henley.

2nd 8+ – 225th – 20:32

Crew: Pete(c), Ewan, Stephen, Larry (call me Ed), Matt, Ian, Phil, Dan, Freddie

The 2nd 8+, comprising of a number of returning bar-squad members, set off defending 194th place and aiming to finish within 1 minute of the first eight. It was a solid row and despite being taken by a fast crew around Barnes Bridge, the crew pushed up on the University of East Anglia boat ahead, at one point getting within a few feet of overlap. Unfortunately the younger bodies in the university crew had a little more left after Harrods and pulled the distance back out to around a length, but not by enough to record a faster time. Ultimately 194th was a challenging target, and was missed with the crew finishing a respectable 225th. The second target of finishing within 60s of the 1st eight was achieved, with them trailing the 105th place crew by 57s.

Nov 8+ – 328th – 22:54

Crew: Jules(c), Luke, Tom H, Tom R, Jonny, Jamie, Will, Joe, James

Our Novice 8+ had the unenviable start position of 359, the penultimate boat of the procession. However despite the long wait on the water the boat started the race in good spirits, buoyed on by cheers from the returning 1st 8, and immediately went on the attack quickly overtaking a novice crew from Imperial Medics. The crew settled onto a strong rate of 30 which would carry them down the length of the course, spurred on by cries form cox and coach Jules to make the, by then rapidly retreating, medics pay. A strong performance throughout the rest of the race saw them beat a further 5 novice on time. The squad then retreated to the bar, in the best traditions of PTRC, for a well deserved whisky celebration.

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