More regatta experience for the dev men at Chiswick Regatta

Following last weekend’s first regatta experience at Hammersmith Regatta, the men’s dev squad turned to Chiswick Regatta, raced outside the club.

Luke Burge reports:

4+: Jamie (cox) Luke (s), Tom H, Tom R, Will (b)

The sun was shining, the water was calm and this was what rowing was supposed to be about. We decided before the race that due to the beautiful weather that this would be the first time we would not wear under armour, but just our Putney Town unisuits during the race, much to Tom H’s delight. He felt that this was the key to winning the race. We rowed up to the start taking in the sun and waited for the competition; Tiffin School and St Pauls. St Pauls however never turned up (they obviously heard that we were not wearing under armour). We lined up against Tiffin School, on the Marshalls call we started. This was it the home Regatta, our stretch of the river! Unfortunately the pleasure cruiser that came along also felt that this was their river and washed us out. The beautiful conditions had gone and we were soon taking on water, forcing us to do our best impression of the Cambridge Women. With some good calls from Jamie at cox we managed to navigate the difficult conditions and make some ground on Tiffin. We heard the roar from PTRC as we pushed on, however the race was over as soon as it started with Tiffin being worthy winners.

8: Jules (cox) Luke (s), Tom H, Tom R, Will, Jamie, Johnny, Greg, Tom D (b)

This for some of us was our second race of the day, and we were looking to improve on recent results. We rowed up to where the race would start and told that our race against Quintin was the next race. We went to the start position, but were never settled. The Marshall seemed in a rush for us to start, whilst telling our bow pair to back down, he quickly set us to attention and go. We were off, our start was hampered by a seat getting stuck and one of the crew having to row the race one legged. We were playing catch up but they had not got away from us despite our start. We raced on as both teams were cheered on from their respective banks. As we drew towards the finish line we fought on trying to bring them back, however we never truly recovered from our poor start and Quintin progressed through to the final. Disappointed to lose to the club across the river, we made the row back to the club, having gained some valuable experience.

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