Steer Cert

Certification levels

Certificate awarded
Cox Single/Pair/Double Four/quad
Cox (any boat) Y Y Y
Single Y Y
Pair/double Y Y
Four/quad Y

The quad/four practical test cannot be taken until the double/pair practical test has been passed and sufficient experience at this level of boat has been achieved.

Putney Town has in place a system of certification for members before they can be allowed to steer a boat (either as cox or as a rower in a boat without a cox) unsupervised.


The process of getting certified involves: –

  1. Sitting through a compulsory steer cert lecture which occur regularly throughout the year and announced usually a few weeks in advance. The slides for the steer cert lecture are available for reference.
  2. Passing a theory test, which is completed online at (you will need a passcode to access the test – you can obtain this at the Steer Cert Lecture or from the captain.
  3. Once this has been passed, a practical test is a taken. You must start with a single/double/pair steer-test before you can progress to a four/quad after a period of 6 months further practice. Coxes can take a test as a cox, but this does not permit them to bow-steer. You can only take a practical test if recommended to do so by a coach or other experienced steers.
  4. Practical tests must be requested by completing this online form.

Supervising non-steer certed members

The steer-cert process only works when non steer-certed members are able to practice the theory of steering on the Tideway. Coaches and experienced steer-certed members are able to supervise non steer-certed members. Anyone supervising must remember that they are taking responsibility for the safety and correct navigation of the non steer-certed boat(s). The following guidelines are to be followed:

  • The launch or boat supervising must be in close proximity to the non steer-crews boat(s) at all times
  • One steer-certed person in a single can supervise one non steer-certed person in a single
  • One experienced steer-certed person in a single can supervise two non steer-certed people in two singles, if they have both passed their theory test and are close to being able to apply for a practical test.
  • One steer-certed person in the stroke seat of a double can take the responsibility for steering a boat with a non steer certed person in the bow seat of the same double.
  • A coach or experienced steer-certed person in a launch may supervise more than one non steer-certed steered boat, but only if those boats are of a similar speed, remain within hearing distance and there is a maximum of
    • four singles
    • three doubles/pairs
    • two fours/quads. Two fours should only be considered if at least one four has a steer-certed person in the two seat (coxless) or in the bow seat (coxed)
    • one eight.