Women’s Squads

Putney Town has one of the friendliest Women’s Squads on the Tideway. Currently we have around 50 women, ranging from Development to Master’s Level. Further information about rowing at masters level is available on the Women’s Masters page.

If you have never rowed before, but would like to learn, you may be interested in our Learn to Row courses. The graduates from this course form the Development Squad.

For further information, please email Sophie Bluff, Women’s Captain at womenscaptain@nullputneytownrc.co.uk.

PTRC Henley Royal Regatta 4+ made it to the final
Learn to row graduates show off their silverware from their first win
Results and squad organisation

We are now recruiting for the 2016/17 season, and are looking to continue our upward trajectory. We will be looking to enter at least two senior boats in for WeHORR and finish firmly within the top 50 and will be aiming for wins at Henley Women’s Regatta 2017.

The 2016 Winter Head Season saw some strong results for the Women’s Squads including 3rd at Quintin Head in IM2 (best result in five years), and impressive finish of 59th (56 raw) at WeHORR and we also entered two boats made up from the Development Squad, who first picked up an oar in October! These results are improvements on the 2015 season and we continued this into regatta season.

We entered Club 8, and a Senior 4+ at HWR and in the run up, picked up wins at Hammersmith Regatta, and 3rd at Wallingford Regatta in the Championship 4+ final and 5th in the IM1 final at Met Regatta.

The remainder of the summer season is set to be a busy one with entries in from Novice to IM2 in both sweep and sculling boats, with attendance at a different regatta almost every week!

We have a number of women who have the time and motivation to train and compete at a high level for WeHORR and Henley Women’s. These women will form the Senior Squad. For those with less experience and often less time to train, we offer the same hours of water time coaching but a slightly adapted training plan to enable them to train efficiently within the available hours that they have. These women will make up the Intermediate Squad. There is always the option to move between squads – the timings of the water sessions, and adapted training plan allows for this flexibility and fluidity.

The graduates from our Learn to Row course make the transition into the Development Squad. If you have completed a Learn to Row course recently, then please do get in touch as this may be an option for you.

Whilst we have some highly competitive members in all squads, we pride ourselves on being a women’s team that is 100% supportive of each other: our aim is always to help each other be the best that they can be no matter what their skill set or position in the squad.

Training and coaching

The Head Women’s Coach is Jamie Croly. Jamie previously coached as the lead women’s coach at Thames Rowing Club for the 2015/16. Before that, he coached at the University of Oregon in the USA and also coached a number of squads in South Africa. Jamie has coached crews from domestic through to international level. He is also an alumnus of the national South African rowing team.

Jamie coaches the Senior squad. The training plan follows a set monthly programme, comprising of a mix of land and water based training. This includes erg pieces, circuits, weights, cross-training and double coached water sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. We use a range of tools to monitor and select athletes for crews, such as erg tests, video footage, seat racing and monitoring of on-going physiological improvements (lactate testing, HR zone monitoring etc).

The Development Squad has a separate coach, and follows an adapted training plan. We hope that by following a similar structure to the Intermediate and Seniors, some girls will move up through the squads much more quickly.

The Women’s Squad aims to go on two camps each year: one weekend at the beginning of the year (normally the first weekend in January) and a week’s Spring Camp in April. This is normally open to the Intermediate and Senior Squads, although those in the Development Squad have also attended in the past. In previous years, we have been to Staines and Dorney over the Winter and places like Varese, in northern Italy; or Soustons, in the south of France for a week’s intense training prior to the beginning of the summer season. We do also try to go to Dorney at several times throughout the season, particularly during crew selection periods.

Social side

Outside of rowing we are a highly sociable group of women. On Saturdays and Sundays we look forward to coming together between sessions for a breakfast break where we feast on bagels and toast and have a good chat. Many of us regularly meet up away from the club to eat and drink socially. There are also plenty of PTRC club socials during the year such as fancy dress parties or quiz competitions, all in which the Women’s Squad plays an integral and active role.

Getting involved

We welcome all women with previous sweep and sculling experience and an ambition to row competitively. The squad has a good range of equipment for both lightweight and open-weight women and following the success and growth of the club, it yearly makes new investments in equipment.

We are always keen to talk to novice or experienced coxes if you fancy the glory of winning with or without the exertions of physical training!

For further information, please email the Women’s Captain at womenscaptain@nullputneytownrc.co.uk.


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