PTRC Sculling Courses

The 2017 Sculling Courses are now open for registration. If you would like to register for one of the courses, please read the information below and then click on the link below to register:

Register here for 2017

There are three levels of course, designed to suit everyone who wants to improve their current sculling ability: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The courses run sequentially, so it is certainly possible, and encouraged, to attend more than one, provided you meet the required standard of the higher course. Each course is open to all (water) members (and non-members) of the required standard for that course.

The course fees are below (Any race fees are not included):

  • PTRC member (coached squad) £60
  • PTRC member (non-coached squad) £75
  • Non PTRC member £150

Instructions on payment will follow your registration by email. Prompt payment will be needed to secure your place on the course.

We will try and meet demand in terms of coaching and equipment, but there is a limit to the number of people who can take part to ensure the quality of the coaching and the safety of everyone. If this number is exceeded, places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions, please contact

Update: 29th April: The beginner and intermediate 1 course are approaching full. There is still plenty of availability for the intermediate 2 and advanced courses. Any registrations after the courses are full will form a waiting list, and you will be kept updated by email. Course places, including those on a waiting list, will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do still sign up!

Overview: This course will provide basic sculling and steering skills and competence for those with limited or no prior sculling experience.

Objectives: By the end of the course, everyone should have good knowledge of good sculling technique and be competent in sculling boats. Scullers will be able to steer in accordance with the Tideway Rowing Code, under supervision, and it is hoped that scullers will be close to being able to take their steer-cert practical test in either a single or double by the end of the course. Scullers will also have the opportunity to use single sculls.

Entry standard: Everyone must have attended a steer-cert lecture, and have at least 6 months of rowing experience.

Coaches: The coaching team is still TBC.


Weekend dates are double sessions starting at 13:00; midweek days are single sessions at 19:00.

Sunday 7th May (2 sessions)

Wednesday 10th May (1 session)

Sunday 14th May (2 sessions)

Wednesday 17th May (1 session)

Sunday 21st May (2 sessions)

Wednesday 24th May (1 session)

Sunday 28th May (2 sessions)

Wednesday 31st May (1 session)

Note: Sunday 4th June no session

Wednesday 7th June (1 session)

Sunday 11th June (2 sessions)

Overview: This course aims to enhance sculling technique beyond a basic standard and develop racing competence in singles and doubles, with the final weekend of the course taking place at Staines Regatta where everyone on the course will be encouraged to race novice single and novice double events.

The course will run in two formats. One will run primarily on Sunday afternoons, with Wednesday evening sessions (course 1) and the second (course 2) will run over a three-day midweek intensive period, to take advantage of quiet water and allow much greater use of singles.

Objectives: By the end of the course, everyone should be able to confidently race a single and a double at a novice standard, while maintaining good technique over a short course.

Entry standard: Everyone must have successfully passed the online steer-cert theory test, and have some experience steering on the Tideway. Steer-cert practical pass at single/double/pair is preferred.

Coaches: Course 1 will be led by Jamie Croly, the senior women’s coach. Jamie coached at Thames RC last season, and previously in the USA and South Africa. Course 2 will be coached by John Hickling, a former PTRC captain and coach of the development men’s squad.


Weekend dates are double sessions starting at 13:00; midweek days are single sessions at 19:00 for course 1. For course 2, the midweek dates are three sessions per day, starting at 9am (time TBC)

Intermediate Course 1 Intermediate Course 2
Sunday 25th June Sunday 18th June
Wednesday 28th June Wednesday 21st June
Sunday 2nd July Thursday 22nd June
Wednesday 5th July Friday 23rd June
Sunday 9th July  Wednesday 19th July
(de-rigging to follow)
Wednesday 12th July Saturday 22nd July (Staines Regatta)
Sunday 16th July (1 session only after AGM)
Wednesday 19th July (de-rigging to follow)
Saturday 22nd July (Staines Regatta)


This course is designed for the more advanced scullers who wish to further refine their sculling technique and improve racing speed (at higher than novice standard). Participants will be encouraged to consider attending the British Rowing Festival of Sculling, or to race at Peterborough Summer Regatta at a higher Intermediate status.


The objective of the course is to further develop and refine an already good standard of sculling to improve technique and speed, including (regatta) racing speed. Sculling skills will include those from the British Rowing Festival of Sculling to enable a successful participation in that event. Scullers will be encouraged to be self-aware as well as be able to provide feedback to fellow scullers.

Entry standard

All participants will be experienced in single sculls on the Tideway and able to scull independently. A PTRC steer-cert will be required, or equivalent from other Tideway club.


Matthew Bedford, former head men’s coach at Putney Town, will lead the course and coach the majority of sessions, having run a number of successful courses at Putney Town over the past few years. Matt started sculling at school and raced at the Coupe de la Jeunesse before starting sweep rowing at ULBC and has finished 5th at HoRR and won the Halliday Trophy. In 2012 and 2013 he was the fastest GB U23 light-weight sculler, but instead raced in the light-weight pair at the World U23 Rowing Championships, winning Silver for Great Britain. In 2014 Matt won Commonwealth Gold in the men’s four and Silver in his single. Matt is still rowing and competing for UL.


Dates are currently provisional.

Saturday 29th July AM (2 sessions)

Sunday 30th July AM (2 sessions)

Tuesday 1st August  (1 session)

Thursday 3rd August (1 session)

Saturday 5th August AM (2 sessions)

Sunday 6th August (2 sessions)