PTRC Sculling Championship 2016

The time trial for the 2016 Sculling Championships took place on Sunday 22nd May 2016 to set the groups for the first race period. The latest group standings and results are below, as well as contact details to arrange your next race!

PTRC Sculling Championship Time Trial Results

PTRC Sculling Championship – Race period 1 results

Race results and group standings – Race Period 2 (of 2)

Group 1

1 Samuel Diserens (W3)
2 Paul Debois (W1, L1)
3 John Hickling
4 Dan Robertson
5 Sophie Bluff (L1)
6 Nic Journeaux (L2)

Samuel Diserens BEAT Paul Debois
Samuel Diserens BEAT Nic Journeaux
Paul Debois BEAT Nic Journeaux
Samuel Diserens BEAT Sophie Bluff

Group 2

1 Stephen Rose (W2, L1)
2 Simon De Maria (W1)
3 Geoff Adams
4 Aba Carboo (L1)
5 Bill Desmond (L1)

Stephen Rose BEAT Bill Desmond
Stephen Rose BEAT Aba Carboo
Simon De Maria BEAT Stephen Rose

Group 3

1 Sue Pictor
2 Alex Marengo
3 Peter Cowell
4 David Kingston

5 George Jeffery (withdrawn)

Groups, trophies and contacts

Sex Masters Nov Email
Aba Carboo F
Dan Robertson M A/B Nov
John Hickling M A/B See club noticeboard
Nic Journeaux M E/F
Paul Debois M E/F
Samuel Diserens M A/B
Bill Desmond M C/D
Geoff Adams M G/H/I See club noticeboard
Simon De Maria M E/F
Sophie Bluff F (Nov) See club noticeboard
Sue Pictor F C/D/E/F
Alex Marengo M E/F
David Kingston M G/H/I
George Jeffery M C/D Nov
Peter Cowell M G/H/I
Stephen Rose M G/H/I Nov