Women’s Rowing Course Beginners Graduate

This weekend the women from our latest beginners rowing course completed their final session and despite the occasional washout from a Thames cruiser and a few new blisters, all are eager to continue on with rowing.


Women's Beginners Course 2009

Vics, one of the beginners, writes: –

Joining the Beginners Putney Town Rowing course was on a bit of a whim, I had never taken part in the sport and missed the whole team bonding aspect from Uni and lets face it needed some exercise, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the rowing races, and perhaps the drinking culture of copulas amounts of Pimms throughout the summer, this just seemed like a perfect fit.

Our first session on the water and everyone was feeling slightly apprehensive stomachs in knots but for those sporting hangovers are only to blame for their over indulgence of the night before but once all in the boat, checks done, gates closed, wellies tucked away and the feet strapped in we are ready to go… off we go down the Thames. Going under the first bridge is pretty exciting… Throughout the 8 weeks we have have improved a great deal and all really enjoyed ourselves. There are some timing issues and balancing is a concepts we are still struggling with but one day we should get there.

Worst bits must be being ridiculed at work as I’m taped up in zinc tape due the amount of blisters I have accumulated on my hands, and of course colleagues proceed to tell me to Man Up!

Best bits is the feeling when you perform well, when you have a good session and fly down the Thames, Even though we have only had a tiny race, it was just a great feeling, Awesome!

I loved it but I’ve been blessed with great weather and meeting a great bunch of girls, plus the coach isn’t too bad either. I most definitely will be joining the club and continuing my rowing training. One day caning it down the Thames and winning a race.

While Becky says: –

The best bits were getting on the river and doing a mini race with the other beginners group (and being in the winning team, naturally!), the fact that the course only required Wednesday and Sunday attendance which gave us a chance to get to know if we liked it and to get some practice without being over-whelmed by it so that we could then fall in love with the sport or not and choose if we wanted to continue and do more.  Oh and finally the fact that you make great friends and everyone is really welcoming and friendly.

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