Veterans Head 2009 — Results

The vets got their chance to flex their muscles and demonstrate their mettle a day after the men’s head of the river race in the Veterans Head with weather that continued to be fine from the HoRR the day before.

In the very last head race of the season, three crews were entered from Putney Town. The first boat to pass under Chiswick Bridge was the ‘old timers’ crew. Losing out in the lottery for the chance to race in the HoRR the day before, the squad was racing in the very competitive category ‘A’ (average age 27+) and comprised many former men’s squad regulars who probably wouldn’t normally be associated with the reading glasses generation.

Two more crews in category ‘E’ (with an average age of 55+) followed representing the Veteran’s squad. Numbered sequentially, they set off just a few seconds apart. However, the leading Veteran Men’s squad boat made sterling progress and finished just a few seconds behind the Vet ‘A’ squad.

Crew Category Position Finish Time
6 Vet ‘A’ 105 22:07.17
102 Vet ‘E’ 108 22:11.94
103 Vet ‘E’ 166 24:32.27

Full results on Vets Head website.

Congratulations to the vets!

Putney Town Vet 'A' - Veterans Head of the River

Putney Town Vet ‘A’ courtesy of Birdman Photography

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