Town trio attend the British Rowing Sculling Festival

When Coach Carter suggested heading off to the British Rowing Sculling Festival at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, the trio of Emma, Callum and Kathryn didn’t really know what they were letting ourselves in for. Emma Flynn reports:

Upon arrival at the registration desk we quickly realised just how out of our depth we were. We found ourselves surrounded by gargantuan demi-Gods with more muscles than we thought possible – and that was just the women.

Putting on a brave face, we set off with our bibs and numbers ready to take on the rest of the novice scullers. The first task was two back-to-back 1k time trials. This should have been straight forward enough but the excitement got to me, and I crabbed halfway through the second 1k and decided to swim across the finish line.

That was followed by a series of skills to be executed in front of a number of rather intimidating judges. The skills included standing up in the boat and turning 360, turning the boat itself 360, a backing-down race, a slalom, stand up rigger dips, half slide suspensions and ‘hands off at the catch’. I fared slightly better in the skills, managing to stay in the boat for a start, Kathryn performed well but unfortunately took too long for some. Callum on the other hand decided to keep his hand off at the catch for longer than was needed and ended up doing a slow motion capsize to the amusement of many of the judges.

The rest of the weekend was filled with time trials and side-by-side racing, varying in length from 250m to 1k. Despite boat issues, Callum performed well in his final and Kathryn and I took first and second place respectively in ours. In spite of the initial trepidation, we all had a great weekend and it was a valuable learning experience. Highly recommended to novice and experienced scullers alike!

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