Squads pass early test at the Fours Heads

The Fours Head gave the Putney Town senior squads the first chance to put the early season training to the test. Sickness affected both camps, with the men’s coxed four deciding to scratch while the women’s coxed four made a last minute change to keep the entry on the programme.

It was a day of many firsts: two of the women’s coxless four were racing in dark blue and white for the first time, Mel was taking the steering seat for the first time in a race and Cat, having only learned to row 12 months ago was competing in her first Fours Head. Two of the men’s coxless four were also competing in the event for the first time with both graduates of the Putney Town L2R courses. Three of the four oarswomen in the coxed four were racing Fours Head for the first time, again having only learned to row a year ago. They were joined by women’s captain, Jade, also a graduate of the clubs’s learn to row programme.

All three crews raced well and showed their Tideway experience to handle some windy conditions along the exposed parts of the course. All three enjoyed some competitive racing alongside other crews and used those opportunities to push on towards the finish to record strong results, which make promising reading for the remainder of the season.

Also at the weekend three masters fours took on the same course for the Vet 4s head, with a particularly strong result for the women’s coxed four to finish 3rd in the MasC category.

Band 2 4- = 16th from 29
Band 2 W4- = 7th from 12
Band 2 W4+ = 6th from 16

MasE.4x- = 11th from 19
MasG.4x- = 7th from 8
WMasC.4+ = 3rd from 9


Vet 4s Head

40           MasE.4x               Geoff Adams (steers), Geoff Metzger, Roger Gunnarsson, Paul Debois
100         MasG.4x              Tim Green (steers), Jeremy Brecknock,  Keith Wills, Stephen Rose
208         W.MasB.4+         Victoria Carroll, Aba Carboo, Maxi Scibor-Rylska, Jane Nash, Camilla Lister (cox)

Fours Head

249         Band 2 4-             Jamie Diserens (steers), Cyrille Martin, Joe Anderson, Sam Russell
286         Band 2 W4-         Melanie Perkins (steers), Catherine Gleave, Catriona Docherty, Kathryn Lewis
433         Band 2 W4+        Jade Gowan, Joely Dicks, Laura Tompkins, Rosabella Styles, Emily Carter (cox)

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