Putney Town Men’s Squad Christmas Party

This year saw members from across PTRC’s men’s squads descend upon The Blue Anchor in Hammersmith. This riverside location provided the back drop for a fantastic festive shindig. The Blue Anchor has played host to PTRC parties in the past and were well prepared for the level of boisterous behaviour that ensued!

"We all row in a yellow submarine..."

"We all row in a yellow submarine..."

With the civilised(?!) three course meal out of the way, attention soon turned to the variety of small gifts given to each of the guests on arrival, these ranged from a gyroscope to help improve wrist strength (useful for strengthening that feathering arm!) to modelling balloons which were subsequently moulded into many different shapes – all of which were very…imaginative…

A further highlight of the evening was a rendition of ‘we all row in a yellow submarine’ a tribute to a recent, unfortunate incident involving an Empacher 8+, a cruiser causing a HUGE amount of wake and some very soggy rowers! Happily, all involved were unharmed aside from being a bit wet and cold! The song was expertly led by men’s captain John Hickling on acoustic guitar however I’m sorry to report that the singing was anything but expert! Stick to rowing lads!

Many of the party goers continued the fun in Citizen Smith in Putney where the festive cheer continued to flow amid some interesting dance moves (I use the word ‘dance’ loosely).

Apart from the odd sore head the next day and a few lost personal belongings, the night was a storming success and has put all of us very much in the festive spirit. Next up it’s the PTRC girls turn to paint the town a festive shade of red on Friday followed by the PTRC presidents’ cheese and wine party happening on Saturday 10th December open to all PTRC members and their friends and families. Merry Christmas from us all at PTRC.

Words by Nick.

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