PTRC Ramp Fund — the final 3%

Important news on the ramp

We recently received great news about funding for the ramp but it came with a catch – it needs to be built by the end of March 2012! justgivingdonatenow

The total build cost for the ramp is £315,000, and once we have collected and banked the grants, promises and loans from members and tax on donations, we will have around £206,000 in the bank.

We are in the process of borrowing £100,000 (mix of commercial and soft loans from members) – the maximum the Club can afford to pay back without affecting day to day running.

Donations urgently needed now!

We need to raise the final £9000 which is 3% of the total amount before building can start. We’re so close, yet without this final funding the building cannot begin and the grants will lapse and we will lose the only opportunity we have to make this project a reality.

If you have generously offered a soft loan or promised a donation, please urgently contact Geoff Adams or James Davey to make final arrangements. If you have yet to donate, please consider even a small sum – every £ counts at this stage.

We have also opened up a Just Giving site to provide an efficient route for members, friends and families to donate.

Please pass this link to anyone you think will be interested and spread the good news over the festive period.

Merry Christmas and C’mon the Town!

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