New ARA points system

With the regatta season upon us, some people may be scratching their heads trying to understand the new ARA rules that were introduced at the beginning of April this year. What does Intermediate 3 really mean? What happened to Senior 1-4?

The table below should help clear up any confusion. Just remember whatever points status a rower had before April has now gone up one point with this new system. So if someone had 2 points in 2008 they now have 3 against their name for 2009. This is primarily because the NV (novice) status has now gone to zero pushing the points for everyone up by one point.

Old Scheme Category 2008 points 2009 points New Scheme Category
Novice NV 0 Novice
Senior 4 0 1 Intermediate 3
Senior 3 1 2
2 3 Intermediate 2
Senior 2 3 4
4 5 Intermediate 1
5 6
Senior 1 6 7 Senior
7 8
8 9
Elite 9 10 Elite
10 11
11 12
12 12

There is no need for rowers to return their cards for any races they enter. Marshals can determine which system your points have been calculated under by the colour of your card. Old points system cards are blue, whilst new are now red. All new cards being issued by the ARA are the red ones and have the points adjusted accordingly. Just remember to add on the extra point to your blue card points when entering competitions.

The other notable change is that all races are now qualifying races. If you win a pot, you’ll collect a point. The idea behind this change is that twice as many points will be won each year meaning, in theory, you will meet better matched competition at races.

A two page summary of the new system can be found on the ARA website.

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