Newest additions to the fleet recognise special contributions

On Sunday 22nd May club President John Comer named the newest additions to our fleet. In PTRC tradition these were named after four members who have made significant contributions to our club over many years.

John Hickling

John was club captain 2013/14 and 2014/15, having previously served the club as men’s captain (2011/12) and bar steward (2012/13). John learned to row at Putney Town in 2010 and since then has championed all aspects of the club from the learn to row programme and development squads to the senior level as well as promoting the bar and the friendly spirit that makes the club so special.

The “John Hickling” is a heavy-weight Empacher 4+, bought as a top racing coxed four for the men’s squad and has already raced at Wallingford Regatta this year.

Jennie Dawson

Jennie joined the club in 2012 and served as women’s captain in 2012/13 and 2013/14 and was part of the coxed four that made the final at Henley Women’s Regatta in 2013. Jennie has played a leading role in the club’s much celebrated learn to row programme for the past four years as well as being a strong advocate for increasing the level of performance rowing in the women’s squad.

The “Jennie Dawson” is a brand new light-weight Filippi 4+, bought to supersede the “Sofia Nilsson” as the club’s top women’s racing coxed four. She has already raced at Hammersmith and Wallingford Regattas, winning WSen4+ at Hammersmith with Jennie on board.

Michael Donovan

Michael, more often referred to as Dick or Donovan, was one of Putney Town’s real character. A member for nearly five decades, he was club captain in 1983/84 before stopping rowing around 2005 and sadly passing away in 2013.

He was a prolific artist, earning a BA in fine art in retirement and painted the club’s mural “The Town Arises” as well as sculptor behind the commemorative plaque above the club’s former home at the Dukes Head in Putney.

The “Michael Donovan” is a Janousek 2-/2x, bought for general club use and to encourage the learning of small boat skills and steering.

Elizabeth Gowans

Elizabeth, known as Liz, has a been a memberof the club for around 25 years. She was one of the founding members of the club’s successful Social Scullers and currently co-ordinates their activities. Liz is incredibly active behind the scenes to keep the club in good order and plays an often unseen but highly important role on club maintenance days and in general housekeeping and bar cleaning.

The “Elizabeth Gowans” is another Janousek 2-/2x, bought for general club use and to encourage the learning of small boat skills and steering.

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