AGM 2010 – new stepped ramp

PTRC - Stepped ramp

PTRC - Stepped ramp

At our October AGM the club voted to move forward with the project to improve our access to the river.

The club has planning permission to build a stepped ramp into the river immediately outside the existing clubhouse.

There are a large number of reasons why a ramp could benefit the club.

a) Capacity
The current steps 100 metres away are approximately 20 metres long. The new ramp will have a high tide clearance of approximately 33 metres, allowing us to launch two 8+ at the same time, and for crews not to do “hands on” until the ramp is clear, which will reduce wear and tear on boats and arms!

b) Opportunities to increase rowing at the club
We are well known as one of the friendliest clubs on the tideway, but we are also known as the one that has “the steps”! This has significant impact on certain potential activities;

  • Potential members on the learn to row not signing up
  • A number of visiting clubs and rowers are put off from using the club during major events
  • The club’s ability to provide more social rowing and an increased junior section would be significantly facilitated by a ramp, for safety and convenience reasons.

These proposals will allow us to increase our offering to our members and attract a wider range of users from the London Borough of Richmond

We need to raise £240,000 to make this development happen so if you would like to contribute please contact the captain and/or treasurer.

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